Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Opening with an image of a sunset followed by a seagull flying across the screen with a banner saying ‘get your island on’ then a roll-over image taking you into the sea with moving waves with binoculars, a disco ball, a coconut and bottle of Malibu floating in them, acting as the websites buttons its hard not to continue to explore the site. Its bright cheerful and exiting, the background reggae music is uplifting and every so often the seagull makes humorous comments such as ‘get of your computer and come to the bar’ and ‘help I cant find my coconut’ and so on. I think Malibu have been highly successful creating this website which is unforgettable and also acts as a strong advertising tool every web page is different and fresh, although quite a small website Malibu have managed to get their point across whilst keeping it simple and uplifting.

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