Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Coca-cola's new packaging

As this is now my second blog on coca-cola you may have guessed I am a bit of a fan of the product, and with the release of its new ‘simplified’ packaging I couldn’t help mentioning it. For years coca-cola has added things to and changed its packaging sometimes even over-complicating the brand. But recently coca cola has stripped all the unnecessary extras on its packaging back to its iconic essentials, by getting g rid of all the visual clutter coca-cola’s clever branding has transformed coca-cola back to the product that we know and trust. A huge amount of honesty goes to a brand that strips itself back to its original essence, with the red, the ribbon and the iconic coca cola logo alongside the coke script ‘classic’ in a simple lower case sans serif font the re design of coca cola does just radiate a sign of true confidence in their product design, regaining cokes modern classic edge.

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  1. Completely agree... All those fake bubbles and dodgy shading really clutters the cans and this new one is so much better. I think they have been pretty brave although it would have been nice for them to go a step further and even get rid of the word 'classic'. Do we need it? Surely a classic just is and doesn't need it written down.

    Is this change going to be worldwide as it's not the coca cola company that bottle the product? They sell the syrup and rights to bottling and canning companies around the world who then distribute it.