Friday, 11 September 2009

Super Contemporary

After hearing a lot of reviews on the exhibition super contemporary at the design museum I went into London to see what it was like. The exhibition takes a look at the great creative minds that have come out of London, a city that celebrates design and diversity like no other. The exhibitions backdrop chronologically highlights the past 50 years through events, people and news that have shapes our perception of design and have had an impact on our lives. The backbone for the exhibition are 15 commissions from the brightest designers whose brief was to give something back to the city, the outstanding diversity of approaches reflects the key characteristics of design in London. Overall super contemporary is well worth a visit its well set out, enjoyable and informative. It really does highlight some of London’s greatest design talents and leaves you with a sense of excitement about how London will progress in its creativity and how we as the futures designers can find our place and be a part of it.

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