Friday, 11 September 2009

London architectural Future - The shard of glass

The shard of glass, the future iconic skyscraper of London will stand as Europe’s tallest building measuring at 306 meters. Designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano for London bridge station, in an area where new constructions decorate the skyline, the building will be shaped like a shard of glass pointing towards the sky its said to be inspired by London’s timeless skyline, the huge wedge will appear to blend into the skyline changing colour and reflecting the changing light at different times of day and season. The vision behind it was created in seconds from a doodle on the back of a restaurant napkin conceiving a landmark in London’s architectural history. The building although unique in design will have practical uses, it will integrate offices, restaurants, housing, a luxury hotel and spa with public spaces at high levels ensuring a functional and accessible icon for London. At present its hoped that it will be completed by 2012, I look forward to seeing it.

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