Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Drinkaware ‘why let good times go bad’

Drinkaware have just launched a new campaign to combat the ever increasing binge drinking culture of 18-24 year olds. The campaign tackles drinking from a different angle to that of the campaigns we are used to, which usually put emphasis on the effects of drinking and what it will do to your body. Instead of telling people not to drink the campaign instead offers practical advice for nights out such as eating food before going out and planning how to get home. The advice will be placed on 13 million products including bottles and cans as well as campaign posters. The campaign is set to run for 5 years and has been backed by 45 companies, ‘its hoped that the program will help people to re-evaluate their drinking habits and the social acceptability of drunkenness’. Its great to see a campaign that breaks away from the more traditional ways of curbing drinking habits by offering advice, I think the campaign will be successful as it is trying to relate with its target age group rather than trying to scare them of drinking altogether.

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