Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Oded Ezer – Typography that knows no bounds

In a recent copy of creative review I came across the work of Israeli typographer Oded Ezer, upon reading the article I discovered the huge diversity of his work which jumps from highly considered alphabets in both Hebrew and Latin, to more experimental 3D lettering work that employs paper, nails silicone and even chewing gum to achieve the desired effect.

Ezer’s work that I came across immediately jumped out at me and is unique to say the least, it goes to show that the imagination that goes into creating type is endless and it shouldn’t be restricted by mediums. Breaching the boundaries of typography art and science Ezer's work offers us a completely new and different outlook on typography.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Larren Art: Ron Waddams

The most recent exhibition I went to was that of my grandad Ron Waddams (25th-30th May 2009 - Jordans meeting house) who throughout my A- level Art and Design Degree has been of constant inspiration to me.

Ron Waddams, born in 1920 used to work as a graphic designer but now spends his time, painting in a distinctive style, using elements from the near and distant past to create contemporary expression of spiritual and humanitarian concerns. Many of the works are reflections on living without conflict, and refer to the aims of the United Nations charter.

Becoming...(Before being) 1995

Reassurance 2002

Prisoners of Conscience 2004

Greeting 1968

Encore 1992

Desolation and Regeneration 1987

His simplified abstract shapes and strong dynamic rhythms speak of time present but also recall the linearity of Egyptian tomb painting and the calm gestures of medieval European religious imagery. By using elements from the near and distant past and by fusing them into his individualistic style he has created a contemporary expression of spiritual and humanitarian concerns. Also evident is his physical pleasure in using few, bold colours and in imposing the discipline of applying them in precisely drawn areas. Most of the artworks are produced on large scales and are painted in acrylics.