Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Never use white type on a black background and 50 other rediculous design rules

“the world of design is inundated with a seemingly endless list of rules ‘less is more’, ‘form follows function’, ‘keep it simple’, ‘dress your age’ and the list goes on and on, some designers consider these rules as valuable words of wisdom, which serve as a guiding line and source of inspiration, others perceive them as more restrictions: design dogmas and fashion formula that need to be broken altogether.”

Within the book each rule opens with the origins of the rule and a bit about it and then shows the evolution of it by chronologically placing other creatives quotes that relate to it. All rules are also accompanied by quirky and humorous images that either negate or supports the rule.

Overall the book is fun and enlightening its enjoyable to read and offers different perspectives on old and new design rules. The images are brilliantly done and add to the entertaining overtone of the book, although it does provoke some thought into the more serious design rules. The quotes used are inspiring whether you agree with them or not it’s a fulfilling book to read.

“Ultimately every rule related to. Or governing design is ridiculous…."

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  1. Sounds good- I feel rules like the ones mentioned should be considered more like guidelines!
    One that has always stuck in my mind with regards to fashion though, and turns out to be good advice, is when it comes to accessorizing "always take off the last thing you put on"! (Coco Chanel).